Thursday, October 28, 2010

SUPER Quick Comic Reviews - October 28th, 2010

This is a super quick rundown to catch up from last week:


Doctor Solar: Man of the Atom #3 - Written by Jim Shooter and Penciled by Roger Robinson. The issue really gets the storyline going.  The introduction of Gail and the reactions of Solar are very good.  They're taking a bit of a different slant on things over the original without being too far away from the source material there.  The use of Pickerel by Moloch is clever stuff as well.  Moloch is a really rotten diety.  But the question we come up with, is he real or is he a creation of Pickerel who envisioned him, perhaps from something he had read.  It's obvious that he allowed him entrance or creation, but which one.  The artwork was just excellent in this issue and I really enjoyed that.  One of the best titles of the month, especially after a somewhat weaker first issue.  I'm enjoying where this is going and I'm wondering how the heck is he going to get out of the mess he's in.

Ragman: Suit of Souls #1 - Written by Christos N. Gage and Art by Stephen Segovia.  This is just a one shot, but boy was the story simply fantastic.  I really like the character and wish DC would do more with him.  Unfortunately, the character isn't that appealing to the vast majority.  Instead he languishes with occasional one-shots and mini-series.  This issue just gives you a ton of fascinating back story on the character that I did not know about.  Finding out some interesting details as far as his father goes and finding out what happened to him was very well done.  There isn't much action in this issue, it is very character driven.  Definitely worth reading!  A really awesome issue!

X-Factor #210 - Written by Peter David and Art by Valentino De Landro. Peter David is one of the best writers in comics and this keeps proving it.  Another great issue that made me wish the next one was available right now.  One of Monet's clients needs help and we see the road Rahne and Rictor dealing with a pregnancy.  I like how they focus on two stories, while there's another story going on in Las Vegas we still have to deal with.  There's just so much going on in the world of X-Factor and the way Peter David juggles it all is amazing.  Great stuff!


Justice League of America #50 - Written by James Robinson and Penciled by Mark Bagley & Pow Rodrix.  I wanted to like this, but I really hate the CSA.  But once again, back to the Crime Syndicate of Amerika crap.  I just despise it when they're bogging down yet ANOTHER issue.  Well, we get that again.  Mark Bagley's style is starting to adapt a little to his new environs and we don't have quite the Spiderbatman that we were getting before.  So that showed improvement and wasn't that bad for once.  Of course, my money might be that Pow helped him with drawing people with actual muscle mass.  There was an interesting twist at the end at least and that alone gives this title some hope.  So here's hoping for a better next issue.  I might have rated this as a buy if I didn't loathe the CSA.

New Mutants #18 - Written by Zeb Wells and Art by Leonard Kirk.  For some reason this title just seemed short.  As much as I thought it was pretty good, most of the issue is a battle scene.  However, it is a pretty interesting and intense battle scene, as far as those go.  The artwork was fine, if not totally grotesque in spots.  I liked seeing these Inferno babies all grown up and demented from what happened to them.  I really like some of these new characters and maybe we'll get a new title out of them!  I can just see it now... "Jim Henson's Inferno Babies".  Wait, wrong genre.  Boy, what a nail biting ending that makes you wonder just what the heck will happen next issue.  However, at the end I wanted just a BIT more meat to it to make it more worthwhile.  VERY, very close one here.  Which is basically why I'm borderline on it.

Legion of Super-Heroes #6 - Written by Paul Levitz and Penciled by Yildiray Cinar.  I debated back and forth on this one.  Paul Levitz has done well and this issue he splits the story into two.  Both are very interesting in their own rights and worth reading.  But I couldn't figure out if this was a true BUY or not.  To me it is, but most people probably don't care for the Legion and the characters involved.  So should that influence my opinion?  Probably not.  The thing that made me downgrade it is the stories we're following are very short and don't seem like very weighty or substantive stuff that we're dealing with.  I did like Earth Man throwing the ring at Brainiac, but I didn't understand how he knew Brainiac had put controls on it to alter him.  But anyway, a very good issue, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on it.

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4 - Written by Ed Brubaker and Art by Dale Eaglesham.  The last issue of the mini-series and boy is it completely un-fantastic.  My interested in it waned after page two.   Pretty generic stuff here, cookie cutter if you will.  The artwork felt average, everything about this issue felt average.  When I was done, I just didn't really care.  The previous issue had all the interesting parts, but the conclusion was pretty much exactly what you thought it would be.  The attempt of a surprise at the end lost effectiveness because most people probably no longer cared at that point.  Good thing it's over.

X-23 #2 - Written by Marjorie Liu and Penciled by Will Conrad.  I'm looking for something enjoyable about this issue. However they just aren't making her an interesting character.  The art is very mediocre here as well.  I just couldn't get into it.  Tying it in with Wolverine's trip to hell is the only thing it has going for it and so far that crossover isn't even very good.  Wait a second, what the hell was the issue even about?  Not memorable either then.  Check!

Loki #1 - Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Penciled by Sebastian Fiumara.  A mini-series that is apparently taking a look at how Loki envisions things.  It is interesting to see his perspective on it all, but not quite interesting enough.  I found my mind wandering a bit too much at times.  A unique look at Loki if you feel you really need to see a different perspective.  I however did not.  Not much else to talk about.  Pretty bland feeling in the end.

Chaos War #2 - Written by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente.  The song from "The Wonder Years" with Fred Savage plays through my head here.  And Herc sure needs to have a little help from his friends.  We get Venus being used after Atlas ended, so that's good.  But overall the issue is just him rallying other Gods and not getting very far.  Everyone on Earth who isn't a God is falling asleep.  I felt like I was falling asleep while reading this.  At least it seemed mercifully short.  I just don't care all that much for this series.  Hercules with extra power just isn't a very novel idea to me.  The Chaos God stuff I had hoped we were already done with when Secret Invasion ended, but I guess not.  Don't get me started on what I hated about that artwork.  Makes it look like everything and everyone is shiny.  Blech.  Kind of sad though, I really like both writers, but I'm not really enjoying this one.

So it was a pretty decent week with lots to read.  Sadly, I've still got to read Carnage, Supergirl, and maybe some of the Bruce Wayne stuff, but I might have to skip it for now.  How the hell did I manage to forget to read the latest Green Lantern Corps?  Good grief, you would think I had kids or something!  If you're interested in a title I didn't cover or you know of a title I should start covering, let me know and I'll try to add it to my list.  Any independant publishers can feel free to forward me anything they would like me to review.

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