Monday, May 23, 2011

Comic Collector Live Review–Best Software for Organizing Your Comic Collection

Let me start off by stating that I recent purchased 8 long boxes of comics from a local comic book store that was closing.  I already had about 12 boxes of comics, so now I was faced with the daunting task of organizing all these comics.

After much work at alphabetizing and ordering all the comics, I realized I really needed a program that could inventory everything.  So I began a search and looked for free solutions, but nothing was that great.  The best option for collectors who want a free solution is as that is completely free.  It does have limitations and isn’t quite what I was looking for.


The best option that had things I really liked was Comic Collector Live.  It has a lot of great features, including the ability to add runs of titles and see where the gaps in your collection are.  There are some good reports you can run with it, but sometimes it requires a bit of tinkering to get exactly what you want.  But I loved that it downloaded the covers automatically and gave me previews of the series I was about to try to add.

One cool feature is the grading system.  Even if you aren’t great at grading comics, it’ll ask you questions and grade the comic based on those answers, which is pretty cool.  The most fun thing, though, is the wishlist.  The wishlist saves to the Comic Collector Live website and is used with the merchant accounts that are set-up there to find those comics.  With that being said, their website is one of the best places for buying and selling comics that there is.  You can find tons of great bargains and deals and some of those hard-to-find issues can be found there.

There are several features I wish it had, like an auto-mated price guide, but that is in the works.  You can go to their site and see the market value based on condition and actual sales, so that’s very interesting and they might implement that into the system soon.  And if you’re looking to sell comics, it’s great software for that as well.  Keep in mind, you’ll need an internet connection to look-up the comic runs and add them to your collection, but I’m guessing if you’re reading this, that isn’t a problem.

Overall, this is currently the best option out there.  Make sure to hop over to and check it out!  Free 30 day trial to make sure you like it!



  1. I've been looking for a good program to catalogue my books. I guess now I don't have an excuse to organize 12 boxes of comic books.

  2. What about I found that to be more stable than though it doesn't have the valuation ability of SMC. Both of these are free, compared to the annual subs you have to pay for comiccollectorlive...