Monday, September 19, 2011

Quick Comic Reviews - September 20th, 2011 Part 1

Last week I was so focused on the DC New 52 that I didn’t get to any Marvel titles.  Fear not, I’ll get those this week.  Or at least some.  So many titles, so little time!

262863Resurrection Man #1 – Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and Art by Fernando Dagnino. I had recently read the first storyline of the original Resurrection Man series from DC which was also written by Abnett and Lanning and found it to be quite refreshing and exciting. So I was really looking forward to this reboot and I wasn’t disappointed. Resurrection Man dies a lot, so get used to it. However, every time he has different powers upon coming back to life. They’ve put a twist on it over the original series and there’s something out to get him. That’s as much as I’ll give away. But I’m a huge Abnett and Lanning fan and they hit this one out of the park. Dagnino also provides for some very fitting artwork that does a pretty good job of helping tell the overall story. Dark and moody at times and lots of rain, this tale was very interesting. I’m super interested in figuring out what will happen next. So far, probably the best of the New DC 52 and definitely a must buy as this series needs a good following to keep it going! I’m sure Abnett and Lanning has plenty of great surprises in store for us!

262859Grifter #1 – Written by Nathan Edmondson, Penciled by Cafu and Inked by Jason Gorder.  I’ve seen many steaming piles of turd in my lifetime.  This isn’t that good.  We pretty much get a semi-Gambit wannabe who is infected by Daemonites or something like that.  The story goes back and forth and makes no sense at times.  You have no idea if you’re in the past or present and that is a failure of the the writer and artist.  The art wasn’t awful, but everyone seemed really stiff.  We should get some sort of idea of what we’re dealing with.  This one meanders on in a steaming pile of goo and gives you nothing interesting.  Honestly, by the end of the issue, you could give two shits about if Grifter dies or not.  If we’re all lucky, they’ll kill him next issue and we’ll be done with this.  Sad, because I was really looking forward to a better series than this.  The best part of this issue is the cover.

262865Superboy #1Written by Scott Lobdell, Penciled by R.B. Silva and Inked by Rob Lean. How do I accurately describe this one?  Well, we get a Superboy project that gives us a Superboy with utterly no remorse and seems to be quite evil.  Now, this COULD be interesting if they take it the right way.  However, I didn’t feel that I particularly liked any of the characters in this book.  Really, I disliked about everything in this book except for the idea they planted at the very end.  The artwork was pretty good and that helped draw me in.  I thought with the previous Superboy we were just starting to see his personality really develop and now we’re given one completely devoid of all personality.  Quite a conundrum.  It COULD be good in the future, but it’ll definitely take some time.  That being said, I think you can probably skip this issue and wait until it becomes good.

262855Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 – Written by Jeff Lemire and Art by Alberto Ponticelli.  Jeff Lemire is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers and this is another good offering from him.  With that in mind, this introduction issue isn’t as much fun as his Flashpoint Frankenstein and the Creature Commandoes, but that’s because he has to re-introduce everyone with slightly different (or majorly) origins.  I liked that the Atom is involved here, but they’ve got a very “Hank Pym” system.  I really dig the artwork here, it has a certain feel that is just perfect for the series.  I didn’t really care for the “computer” that’s somewhat narrating for us, but I guess they were trying to think of a different way to explain things to us.  Overall, a pretty decent start, but definitely has a “not quite hitting it’s stride yet” feel. 

262915Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #1 – Written by Victor Gischler, Penciled by Ryan Stegman and Inked by Mike Babinski.  When I saw that this was an actual title Marvel was putting out, I winced.  When I saw it was written by Victor Gischler, I winced.  However, I think Victor has a certain fondness for Dracula and the whole vampire genre and it comes across pretty well here.  Faced with the hammer wielding Hulk landing in his backyard, Hulk threatens to smash everything in his path.  So now Dracula must figure out how the hell to beat a guy nobody else has done more than scratch.  This was an interesting way of keeping Dracula in the Marvel Universe and kept us up-to-date on his latest doings, which isn’t as bad as it might seem.  Ryan Stegman draws everything well enough, but I think the coloring is what makes this issue the most as far as art goes.  Deep colors and hues gave it a very rich feeling.  It isn’t particularly dark or brooding art and that works fine.  Overall, I thought the issue came across really well.  There are some plot points that I’m not sure where they’re going, but I’m willing to find out what they’re aiming towards.  Really, a pretty good issue, nothing spectacular here, but it feels like an interesting battle is being prepared.

262917Herc #7 – Written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, Penciled by June Brigman and Inked by Roy Richardson.  We see in this issue the repercussions that Spider Island has on ol’ Hercules.  So we have a web slinging Herc waxing poetically in this issue and giving us all sorts of campy fun.  Right away he breaks out into battle with the X-Men and it’s a good brawl that gives us a taste of Herc’s new powers.  We get plenty of background and the thoughts of Hercules in raw and unfiltered form.  Plus Herc gets put on the trail of the Jackal and encounters plenty of miscreants.  June Brigman has an old school style in this and it really makes for some campy fun.  It looked like a comic book should.  This issue will certainly have your Hercules senses tingling.  What a fantastic and fun romp that really makes this issue of Herc an absolute must buy!  I can’t see anyone not enjoying this issue!


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