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Quick Comic Reviews - December 1st, 2011

Sorry about no updates last week.  A stomache flu pretty much derailed everything for me.  I’m WAY behind on just reading comics now, so I’ll have to catch up as I go this week.  Luckily, almost no releases by DC this week and very few by Marvel.  That means I should be able to catch-up from last week. Anyway, here’s today’s new stuff from Marvel!

herc10Herc #10 – Written by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente, Penciled by David Hahn and Inked by Roy Richardson & Rebecca Buchman.  So Zeus has been turned into a mere mortal by Hera.  Let’s just say she was kind of pissed at his infidelity and constant carousing.  But he and Herc need to stop Baba Yaga from doing bad stuff, so what else is new?  With a guest appearances again from the Kingpin and Elektra, Herc and Zeus have to work together and that rarely goes well.  I really liked Zeus’ bumbling and Hercules having to show him what it means to be a mortal.  A lot of funny stuff in here and a fast paced tale to boot.  The art was subpar, but they artist got across the basics of storytelling.  I just find the style lacked detail here.  The most disappointing part of this issue is the fact that it is the last one.  Marvel has cancelled the series, so this is it.  Too bad, this was the first issue I wanted to read this week because it is always good.  This title will definitely be missed, but I’m sure they’ll work Herc into something else.
Rating – StarStarStarStarStarStarStar 7/10

dare6Daredevil #6 – Written by Mark Waid and Art by Marcos Martin.  In this issue, Daredevil gets his second round with Bruiser.  Bruiser could best be described as a giant luchadore who gets sponsorship from evil henchgroups like A.I.M. and Hydra.  In fact, he wears those endorsements on his outfit.  Bruiser is working to protect a potential breach of information for his sponsors as one of the people who knows too much tried to run last issue.  This brings this little storyline to a conclusion.  The artwork by Marcos Martin is, once again, simply fantastic.  His minimalist approach is utterly perfect for Daredevil.  I never feel confused with him at the helm when it comes to figuring out what is going on on the page.  He just has zeroed in on Daredevil’s essence.  Sadly, this is his last issue on Daredevil, which is too bad.  His work with Waid has seemed to be very in-synch.  Time will tell what happens here.  I thought the story was decent enough, a tad anti-climatic, but getting out of the final showdown was very smart and thought out.  Mark Waid does great work with Daredevil and has brought much needed life back to the character.  This is a good issue, maybe not great, but definitely enjoyable.
Rating – StarStarStarStarStarStarStar 7/10
uncxmen2Uncanny X-Men #2 – Written by Kieron Gillen, Penciled by Carlos Pacheco, Jorge Molina & Rodney Buchemi and Inked by Cam Smith, Roger Bonet, Walden Wong & Jorge Molina.  Mister Sinister is back with a vengeance.  He’s stolen the head of a Dreaming Celestial and now the Celestials are pissed.  So the only thing to do is to try and negotiate a deal with Sinister before it’s too late.  Of course, that’ll never go over well.  I liked that Gillen brought Sinister back and continues to expand upon that character.  I’m still a little annoyed that the optic blast from Cyclops knocked off the helmet from Colossus.  Did that ever happen to Juggernaut?  Not that I recall.  Cyclops continues to take a much harsher, killing is okay, stance and that could be interesting if they ever go into it.  I wasn’t too big on the artwork here besides that of the flashback.  It just seemed to be really inked too heavily in spots as well.  Not the best issue, but somewhat entertaining.  Who am I kidding?  At the end I was just kind of “meh” about the whole thing.  If that’s not 5/10, I don’t know what is.
Rating – StarStarStarStarStar 5/10

ff12FF #12 – Written by Jonathan Hickman, Penciled by Juan Bobilo and Inked by Marcelo Sosa.  After the events of Fantastic Four #600 (which is fantastic, no pun intended, run out and get it) the Future Foundation has translocated (not teleported according to Val Richards) to avert the Foundation getting killed by some of Annihilus’ rejects.  Now they end up in Latveria, a chance to ask Doctor Doom for help.  However, Nathaniel Richards and the “evil” Reed Richards are there and there is something they need out of the kids first.  I will give Hickman this, he’s ambitious.  Sometimes he has been so ambitious that he has outright confused the hell out of me.  Now he is finally giving us moments of payoff.  Nathaniel, being a time-traveller, is always very cryptic but you get the feeling that Hickman always knows what Richards knows and how it will all work together.  This issue had some very good moments going for it and you can just see Doom seething silently and pissed.  The artwork has it’s moments, but the artist does not do a very good Dragon Man at all.  The characters are a bit hard to pick out who is who in this issue.  It had it’s charm though, but it was slightly off.  Rather good issue, but nothing too amazing.
Rating – StarStarStarStarStarStarStar 7/10

xmenleg259X-Men: Legacy #259 – Written by Mike Carey, Penciled by Khoi Pham and Inked by Tom Palmer.  As Rogue tries to decide which X-Group to choose from, she instead finds something else.  A mysterious presence seems to have attached itself to her and all the cast of the last several issues.  It’s up to the X-Men to solve this mystery.  Guess what, surprise at the end!  Carey has been trying to lead up to this for awhile now and at the end you’ll know who it is.  My initial reaction was one of not caring at all.  But who knows, maybe it’s a good thing, but I was almost completely unfamiliar with the character.  The whole issue leads up to that and somewhat on Rogue deciding, but that never happens.  The art was fairly good in this issue, nothing too confusing here.  The last few issues were marred with way too many scenes where I couldn’t figure out what was going on at all.  This one was much better, Khoi’s pencils do a solid job here.  One of the better X-titles in the Regenesis storyline so far, not that that’s saying too awful much.
Rating – StarStarStarStarStarStar 6/10

wolver19Wolverine #19 – Written by Jason Aaron and Art by Ron Garney.  Wolverine, Gorilla Man and Immortal Weapon Fat Cobra take on Jade Claw and her goons.  At the end of the last issue, they let dragons swallow them whole so they could perform a sneak attack.  And as this issue shows, a very disgusting sneak attack.  There’s a lot to like in this issue as it’s a straight forward fight through most of it.  Also, Wolverine’s girlfriend gets a job writing for the Daily Bugle.  Plus there’s a great scene at the beginning where this old bar as Salem Center closing up, until Wolverine returns (tying into Regenesis) and immediately they change their minds about closing now that their number one customer is back.  I love that they put Gorilla Man in this as he is one of my favorite characters from Agents of Atlas.  The art is fantastic in this as well.  You feel like you know what’s going on fairly well and it has a gritty feel like Wolverine should have.  A pretty solid issue, nothing spectacular, but definitely fun.  Might be worth checking out, especially for all those Wolverine fans out there!
Rating – StarStarStarStarStarStarStar7/10

ghostri6Ghost Rider #6- Written by Rob Williams and Art by Dalabor Talajic.  The artist’s name is spelled incorrectly in this issue.  Guess now that this series is cancelled they aren’t bothering to proofread much.  This tale takes us down to the Bayou for a deep dark mystery as Ghost Rider is drawn in for some unknown reason right before a Hurricane hits.  A lot of nice creepy stuff going on that gives you the old eerie feeling the series used to have.  The story is self contained, which is another plus for those looking for just a nice one-time read and a chance to get to know the new Ghost Rider, Alejandra.  I really wish we had a chance to get to know her character a little better.  Right now, she’s a tad bit of a shallow husk, having been brought up for the sole purpose of being a Ghost Rider and never living outside of the life she was put into.  The character is very curious about some of the world out there and experiencing things, but she is very much no-nonsense still when it comes to dealing with people.  Dalabor’s art was pretty good, nothing too special, but did a good job.  Part of the “witch/voodoo” part seemed a bit old fashion and nothing too out there.  It still gave you the feel of “horror” that Marvel could have used in their comics.  Too bad this series ends with issue 9, because I think Rob Williams had something going here.  Another very good issue, worth taking a look at.
Rating – StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar 8/10


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