Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick Comic Reviews - October 11th 2011

New comics are out tomorrow, so I guess I better finish up on some of last weeks!  Yeah, I didn’t review them all, sorry!  I probably won’t ever get to that point, but I figure we’ll just make do!

hunt1Huntress #1 – Written by Paul Levitz, Penciled by Marcus To and Inked by John Dell. Huntress has long been one of my favorite characters to spawn off from Batman.  Paul Levitz has also done some great work with the Legion of Superheroes.  However, I just don’t think the two worked together really well in this one.  I can’t quite figure out who told her to go to Italy.  I can’t quite see her motivation.  All I know is that she beats up people who do bad things.  That’s really all I know about her besides she’s Italian.  Disappointing characterization here, she seems rather two dimensional, all business.  And the art didn’t help either.  First, the changes to the costume didn’t see that huge except to the mask.  I hate the mask.  I liked it much simpler like it was.  Also, Marcus To did a decent job drawing here face, but he just has leaps of logic in how a human can bend and move.  At one point, Huntress must turn her bone in her leg into rubber to somehow do the splits and reach back behind her to kick a thug.  Really, his art was nothing special in this one.  As much as I would love to say this is a book you should consider, it’s probably not worth it.  Pass!

deadpo44Deadpool #44 – Written by Daniel Way, Penciled by Carlo Barberi and Inked by Walden Wong.  In the last several issues, Deadpool has become the object of affection for one Dr. Whitby who served as psychiatrist at a prison.  Now she’s trying to gain his love by killing people like he would.  Except he can’t stand her, so that doesn’t work out too well.  Yes, another dark and twisted and often fantastically hilarious tale.  Dark humor indeed.  Not always high brow humor either if that’s what you’re thinking.  It’s Deadpool though, so you know about what you’re going to get.  Through this run, Way has done a great job of keeping the humor high right along with the gore.  Barberi just draws this great campy style that gets across the point that it isn’t completely serious and is just great storytelling.  Barberi gets that you have to get across the emotions and feelings of a guy with a mask on and does a superb job.  If you like mayhem and non-stop humor (albeit darker in nature) then this comic is pretty damned good.  It has been very interesting since he got back from space, which was ok, but not the greatest.  This is another excellent issue but maybe not the best jumping on point, but next issue should be.  Still, a good comic that shouldn’t be ignored.

static2Static Shock #2 – Written Scott McDaniel & John Rozum, Penciled by Scott McDaniel and Inked by Andy Owens.  The second issue is a bit better than the first.  The recent news that Rozum is leaving the series makes me wonder if he didn’t care for some of the characterizations going on with Scott McDaniel.  There were some things that I found questionable in here.  I liked the memorial to Dwayne McDuffie and the issue was a tad more interesting.  There were just gaps in logic and reasoning and it felt like some things had the shortcut taken on them.  I had no idea Static’s sister was apparently cloned.  I didn’t catch that from last issue for some reason.  Why would you not have explained that?  Talk about absolutely confusing.  I think the artwork in this issue is a bit better, but there are still times in some panels where you question what’s happening.  Even though this issue made some improvements, there isn’t a whole lot of good things happening here.  I really wish there was, but sadly this isn’t happening.

thund164Thunderbolts #164 – Written by Jeff Parker, Penciled by Kev Walker and Inked by Terry Pallot.  So the once again totally evil Thunderbolts are transported accidentally back in time to World War II.  They meet Namor and Captain America who are trying to rescue the Human Torch from Baron Zemo.  Ah yes, and the Thunderbolts volunteer to help.  Oh, the irony is abundant here.  Jeff Parker writes this one expertly and gives a great tale taking place in the past.  Meanwhile, the good half of the Thunderbolts are trying to track down the “fugitives”.  I thought the artwork was decent and it works, but I’m just not a big fan of the style.  But really, the comic overall is very good and has been for a long time.  Parker really keeps making the series fresh and interesting and everything he’s done just works.  I admit, I was skeptical with the Thunderbolts being back in time, but he’s written it very smartly.  Gotta appreciate that!  So go out, check out the Thunderbolts if you haven’t as it’s all a good time!

aveng17Avengers #17 – Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Penciled by John Romita Jr. and Inked by Klaus Janson.  Ok, we go into another “Fear Itself” issue and they keep doing the damned “interviews” to tell the story thing.  Pardon me, but screw that crap.  So we get to see Romita just draw faces for about 50% of the issue.  They’ve been doing this in New Avengers as well and it has gotten stale.  I get what they’re trying to do, but I just don’t think anyone pays to get nothing more than constant headshots of characters.  The story itself was good when they weren’t doing the damned interviews.  The Avengers (Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Spider Woman and Noh-Varr or whatever they call him) face off with Sin.  So they are way overpowered until the cavalry comes in.  Romita’s artwork is about what you would expect.  I liked his stuff he used to do with Daredevil and X-Men, but his detail anymore just isn’t the same.  I never did like his Spider-Man, just too blocky for such a fluid character.  I didn’t mind his artwork and it’s nice to see a different style like his in a main book, even though some flat-out hate it.  The issue was just mostly “meh” for me and I didn’t care to read most of it.  Can’t wait for this Fear Itself run to be over!


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