Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Funny Thing About Paul Azaceta

What could be more disgusting than Paul Azaceta ruining another comic?

Apparently I’m not the only one who hates the new artwork for Spider-Man.  I was checking out my site statistics and saw how one person found my site.  They searched for “paul azaceta terrible” to get to my page.  So I am not alone in this world.  Yes my friends, he is terrible.  But fear not, after this storyline is done it looks like there will be a different artist and maybe we can actually ENJOY Spidey again.



  1. You can figure out HOW people found your site? Your skills never cease to amaze me.

    Can you find out how people find mine? I was wondering about the 18 hits from Iran specifically... :)

  2. The Stats tab helps with that now, but I find it isn't 100% complete. Google Analytics is what you want.

    You have to put a piece of code in, but I think it explains how to do it. It'll tell you search terms that are used.

    However, you cannot break it down to how the people in Iran found your site that I've been able to find.

  3. Gotta love fanboy review sites. Most of them are like comic book versions of those failed, talented actors who then became movie critics. Except more boring. Gotta love the internet even more for giving these whiny and arrogant masses a soap box to express their ever so clueless views regarding art which no one would otherwise have noticed. Paul Azaceta is one of the most talented, underrated artist you and your tasteless, oversweetened, mainstream-diabetic, sugar-balled visual cortex will ever lay eyes on. Prey to god the ants don't eat your eyeballs out of their sockets cause it's not like you're putting them to any good use anyhow.