Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some Accolades for Yours Truly

Apparently, in Sioux City, IA, I am King of Nerdom.  The Sioux City Journal recently did an interview with me that you can read by clicking this link.  It captures me in all my glory with my stash of board games behind me.  It was a semi-proud moment I guess.

My only complaints are a) my wife never said that because my football card collection consists of one binder of Bears cards and b) a lot of the quotes are more like paraphrasing, so they aren’t actual quotes, but that’s not a big deal.  The worst mistake, to me, was that the website address is wrong.  If you add the www part, you won’t get to my site.  Tis a shame!

I’m kind of wish that my board game advocacy would have been covered a bit more, but I guess I’ll just be saving that for another interview.  I’ve got plenty of interviews left in me as long as I can promote being a nerd.  Good day all!


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