Monday, September 6, 2010

Quick Comic Book Reviews–September 6th, 2010

Wow, I’m even more behind than usual with my supposedly quick reviews.  But we just had a new baby born and leading up that I didn’t have as much free time as I normally do.  I’ll keep working on updating everything, but I’m lagging behind.

shadmoon1Shadowland: Moon Knight #1 – Written by Gregg Hurwitz and Penciled by Bong Dazo.  First of all, wow, what a name.  Bong?  The artist is named Bong?  If that’s a real name, poor choice.  If that’s a nickname, once again, poor choice.  I would legally be changing that if I had that name.  But anyway, he does a very good job here.  His artwork is different, it has a certain feel to it where everything is very rounded and has a fluid-like feel to it.  Kind of like everything is melted a little bit.  The story is pretty decent and does a good job of reacquainting readers with Moon Knight.  His story is a bit confusing at times, so it isn’t a bad idea to do this.  The story isn’t super interesting, but it gets there towards the end.  It wraps in very well to what is going on in Shadowland and makes sense.  Really a lot of stuff going on, but this is a bigger issue than normal.  I thought it made me want to see what happens next.  I really think they want to make Moon Knight relevant again and they’re doing a pretty decent job.  This is an issue worth checking out if you want to get back on the Moon Knight train!

curseofmutblade1X-Men: Curse of the Mutants – Blade #1 – Written by Duane Swierczynski and Penciled by Tim Green.  Ah yes, the epic saga of the “Curse of the Mutant” continues on!  First of all, how the hell does Blade carry his sword with him in an airport and not get stopped?  I mean, he’s a vampire yeah, so pretty crazy anyway, but let’s take all realism away.  Another one of those pointless cross-over issues that made me yawn.  So this just explains some background story.  But really, it isn’t all that important as background story anyway.  They assume we want the story of how Blade knows it when they could have summed it up in a 5 panel exposition in one of the already awful X-Men issues.  Anybody want to hold a turd in there hand?  If you do, pick this up, if you don’t, buy War Bonds.

fantfour582Fantastic Four #582 – Written by Jonathan Hickman and Penciled by Neil Edwards.  I have a feeling something big is happening here, but this issue left me wanting to figure out what the heck was going on.  The best part of a story is if at the end, you want to keep reading and finding out what’s going on.  Jonathan Hickman does a wonderful job of setting up what may very well be an epic story.  This has been the summer of Hickman as he has stepped up his game with some wonderful storytelling.  Here we wrap-up the battle of the Nathaniel Richards’ battling it out.  We get a wonderful look at another timeline’s Doctor Doom.  Don’t know why I like that so much.  But we have a big set-up going on to see how the lives of the Fantastic Four are about to radically change.  I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a good one, so pick this issue up so you can’t say you were left out!

jlgl7Justice League: Generation Lost #7 – Written by Judd Winick and Penciled by Joe Bennett.  The main question in this issue… where the hell did they find the extra Rocket Red outfits?  Ok, so this issue is about infiltrating Checkmate HQ to get to Max Lord.  Wait, what’s that?  Who’s Max Lord?  You’ve never heard of him either?  NO!!!!!!  Um… anyway, sorry about that.  For an infiltration mission, this ends up about like I would suspect.  But the story is fun and entertaining the entire time.  And guess what?  Going after Max Lord might just be a very bad idea in more ways than one.  Hilarious lines with Rocket Red and everyone trying to emulate him.  Just good stuff.  The artwork is solid throughout and helped hold my attention, so a good job there.  There are a few spots where I couldn’t quite figure out how they all joined up at the end, but that might be because the writer didn’t leave a way for the artist to really visualize it well.  Plus, with everyone wearing the same outfit, there’s bound to be a little confusion.  Other than that, I’m a big fan!  Must buy this issue, this is what good comics are all about!

adventcom517Adventure Comics #517 – Written by Paul Levitz and Penciled by Kevin Sharpe and Marlo Alquiza.  The artwork in this issue is erratic.  Some spots it looks pretty good and then in other spots it looks very awkward.  I wonder if the reason there are two artists is to clean-up the work of the other one.  The story, however, is based on the Legion during it’s founding day when there were only 3 Legionnaires.  The story itself is just ok, with some moments that seem a bit out of place.  It’s like Paul Levitz is putting his best stuff in the new Legion of Superhoes comic, but not the Adventure Comics.  I think he’s trying to keep it simple, but the stories so far haven’t been that entertaining.  Weird how one writer can be night and day different with the same team.  I think we all know which series he’s putting his heart into right now.  The back-up story has the Atom!  Written by Jeff Lemire and Penciled by Mahmud Asrar.  I’m liking Mahmud’s work here!  The story does what it can with a limited amount of pages.  The problem is, it goes by a bit too quick and felt like it wasn’t very worthwhile.  Jeff tries to explain things about the Atom’s power that he probably just shouldn’t bother trying to do.  So it doesn’t add much value to this issue.  Overall, Adventure Comics is once again another miss for me!

actioncom892Action Comics #892 – Written by Paul Cornell and Penciled by Pete Woods with Pere Perez.  I’ve liked a lot of Paul Cornell’s writing, but boy was this story disjointed.  What if… I wrote every… sentence like this?  Well, that’s how this story reads.  A lot of people stammering around thoughts and that just doesn’t make for good reading.  So Lex is out after the Black Ring energy.  That’s about the story in general and it doesn’t evolve too much from there.  The artwork is the best part and we’ll leave it at that.  Blech!  We get an extra story with Superboy.  Written by Jeff Lemire and Penciled by Pier Gallo.  This is just a weird set-up for Superboy #1 and frankly it doesn’t impress me, nor does it make me want to checkout that issue when it does come out.  Smallville has some dirt golems come to life and attack, but I have no idea why, nor did I really care at that point.  For being a second feature, it was more like a long advertisement.  Didn’t add much value, but at least it was better than the main story this issue.  Not saying much though.  This one is a turd folks, skip it.


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